Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jaguar S-Type


Just to have something posted on here, I've decided to post about my car, the Jaguar S-type. Now, I spotted this beauty in the local salvage yard. My father returned home on a Sunday morning, and informed me of the cars he'd found. After my experience with this car, I actually do not approve of buying cars from a salvage yard anymore. Unless you know someone who knows what they are doing and are reliable, do not buy salvaged cars. So my first thought was that the Jag would be in a terrible condition. My father is very, very frugal so I imagined it was very cheap, therefore pretty beat up. I decided to take a trip to the yard and found out that the only damage done to the car was its back bumper and one of its back windows was broken. My first impression was that it shouldn't be that expensive to fix it up. After contacting a couple of collision centers and got estimates, we decided that they charged too much. In the end, we ended up going to some man, whom my father has known for a long time. Money was pretty tight after buying the Jag AND a Chevy Tahoe we found as well, there was no other alternative. I had a feeling that this was not the best choice but decided to see how it would turn out. More than a month after, my father retrieved the car. Because it was night and couldn't really see the car, he didn't bother to check to see how it turned out. I was unable to go because I had other responsibilities elsewhere. Long story short, the back was not repaired correctly, the brake light assembly does not fit properly, therefore a wire somewhere shorted out and none of the lights work. Taking this car to the dealer is EXPENSIVE. Recently, I had to buy new wheel nuts and they cost $23. Twenty-Three! In total, along with wheel studs, it came out to be $163. My current job is not paying much, so it would be best to not having anything else break.
I love this car, I DO plan to have it fixed up completely one of these days. If you were to try to GTA me, I would have to destroy you. Anyways, I've run out of things to say. Take it easy.

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Fate A. said...

my dad used to buy cars from salvage yards and bring them home and me and my brothers used to help him take them apart and sell off the salvageable parts then sell what was left of the frame as scrap metal